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Winding Down

Posted on: Monday, February 28, 2011

I have been failing to create new posts because I have started a new project (aka new blog) that is a bit more focused.

Out of the Doldrums is going to be my new platform, at least for now. Even though it's been almost two years since I first started blogging, I'm still a young grasshopper. Add to that the fact that I'm don't always grasp technological things fast and this is what you get. However, I'm happy with where I am with blogging. Nothing crazy exciting has come out of it, but it has been very inspiring and has encouraged the growth of my creativity.

I'm starting to realize now the potential that I have and the possible opportunities that may arise from my future endeavors. So, for that I have blogging to thank as well as the nudge in this direction from one of my professors. It's been fun, but things are just getting started!

It's like what Patti Smith was talking about in her memoir, Just Kids, when she described how Robert created his art. Of course you want people to take notice of what you're doing and people want recognition. But, that shouldn't be the sole purpose why you do what you do. Regardless if people are reading this blog. It doesn't matter because it's floating out in the universe for someone to find. Maybe never, but maybe eventually

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