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It's Not Over Yet

Posted on: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is my first posting on the subject of fashion. Although I don't consider this a fashion blog I read plenty of them and I've been reading Vogue since I was 13 and my knowledge of fashion houses and designers could give most a run for their money. I was in a Macys today and I couldn't help but notice the display in the juniors/young women section on my way out. I had to snap a picture:

Does anybody remember the ridiculousness that was the New (Nu) Rave scene. Granted some of the bands that were surrounded by the so called "scene" were pretty decent. I'm a fan of New Young Pony Club and Klaxons (where are you guys with the second album already?). Music aside the most prominent factor about this fly by night trend were the clothes. Outrageous, outlandish, bright, fluorescent, neon, and patterned clothes were necessary. I'm a lover of deep, rich colors, and unique patterns so I always enjoyed the fashion of the ravers.

However I have noticed in the Spring/Summer 2010 a lot of color, particularly neon tones and extreme patterns, walking down the runway. For example, there is Proenza Schouler's tie dye neon pieces.


Then there is there is the wonderful wizard, Alexander McQueen, whose collection was inspired by nature from snakes and other reptiles to jellyfish and gazelles. From the many shows I watched his has to my favorite for the season. His outfits are the only reason I watched the Bad Romance video multiple times. (It's still taking time for Lady Gaga to grow on me). If you haven't watched the McQueen show somewhere online, find it and please watch it.


Regardless of what the name of trends in fashion are called I think we are seeing a burst of color and major statement pieces with the clothes this season. I'm all for a burst of something bright among one tone and also think it has to do with the person who wears it. I like to wear the occasional bright color/pattern because it makes life more exciting and it stands out among the drab same old stuff. Whether its neon or leopard print, when done right it looks amazing. 


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